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Natural Medicine


Order supplements, herbs, and other health and beauty products by registering with Wellevate, a trusted provider of quality, authentic natural products.

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Supporting Your Success Naturally

Green Goodness


The quality of the food you eat, the air you breathe, the rest you take, affects the quality of your health and the quality of Qi or life force energy available to you. This is a key aspect of your fertility and overall well being. This alone can mean the difference in conceiving or not, carrying to term or not, feeling alive or depleted.

Herbal Medicine


For years, Dr. Fertility Goddess has been providing Herbal and supplement protocols to help improve egg and sperm quality, to eliminate nutritional deficiencies, and to enhance the feeling of vibrant health. We work together to create a balanced plan that works for you.

Test Tubes


If you don't know where to start, its good to get a baseline of your health (and the health of your partner) through lab testing. There are some affordable options if you don't have insurance coverage.
If you've had testing done, let's see it! You may have been told that everything is normal or looks great, but is it optimal?

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"I truly believe that Dr. Stretton helped me to have my daughter. Her knowledge of and access to quality supplements is awesome. She took great care of me during my pregnancy and throughout my '4th trimester.' I have had a beautiful, easy recovery thanks to her guidance and care. She was and still is a huge support to me throughout my healing journey. I admire Dr. Stretton's love and dedication to her patients, and am grateful to have found her."


Holding Hands
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